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UMass Students

Undergraduate and Graduate Students at UMass Boston are invited to participate in the activities of the UMB Institute for Compassionate Technology via various programs and offerings available to those enrolled at UMass. Whether or not these internships are paid, for credit, or as volunteer experience depends on the applicant’s need and availability of funding.  See Internship page for more information on how to apply.  Though the Institute is connected to the Computer Science Department, applicants need not be people with backgrounds in this field.

Current focus of the UMass  Institute for Compassionate Technology include:

  • Research in the Neuroscience of Learning.
  • Education and/or policy issues pertaining to children and adults with cognitive difficulties.
  • Development of computer technologies to enhance reading (e.g., e-readers).

In addition, we ALWAYS need people to help with organization, leadership, social media, and outreach to support our mission.

Please email Prof. Matthew Schneps for more information.