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MIT UROP Opportunity

Students at MIT are invited to participate in the activities of the MIT Compassionate Tech Lab via MIT’s UROP Program.

Whether or not these internships are paid, for credit, or as volunteer experience depends on the applicant’s need and current availability of funding.  See Internship page for more information on how to apply.

Current focus of the MIT Compassionate Tech Lab include:

  • Research in the Neuroscience of Learning.
  • Development of technologies to promote mindfulness (e.g., mediation).
  • Neurological differences in game use behavior.
  • Technologies to enhance reading (e.g., through e-readers).

In addition, we ALWAYS need people to help with organization, leadership, social media, and outreach.

Please write to Dr. Matthew Schneps for more information.

2016 Information for Applicants...

UROP UAP MEng Application Information...

Department/Program: MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program / Education Arcade

Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Eric Klopfer
Direct Supervisor: Dr. Matthew H. Schneps
Project Name: Games for Literacy

Expected Time Commitment:
10-12 hours/week, for credit, or pay via application to UROP.
Many of these projects could potentially be expanded to M.Eng. projects.


If interested, please send an email to Dr. Schneps (mschneps@mit.edu) and Prof. Klopfer (tep-jobs@mit.edu) containing:

– – which focus area(s) you are interested in
– – a current resume if available, and/or a brief description of relevant interests and experience
– – an estimate of your availability (hrs/week)
– – a few times when you’re available for a 20-minute interview
– – a few sentences describing the reasons you are interested in this project

PLEASE be sure “Games for Literacy Opportunities” is in the subject of your email.

We hope to be able to put together a great team and produce a great program in a fast-paced, collaborative, and fun work environment. The STEP lab is a great place to work, with UROPs at the heart of almost everything we’re doing. We hope you’ll consider joining us!



MIT UROP Program Deadlines...