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Compassionate Technology


Who Are We?

Led by Profs. Matt Schneps and Marc Pomplun, the MIT Compassionate Tech Lab @STEP (Education Arcade — Prof. Eric Klopfer) is supported through the efforts of many (including you!) who enable and promote its ideas, programs, and outreach.

What Do We Do?

Our mission is to foster Compassionate Technology: technology with a heart. We do this through programs of research, education, outreach, and policy. Our goals are lofty: To make the world a better place by encouraging the inclusion of human compassion in the creation of technologies we live by every day.

What do we mean by Compassionate Technology?

Compassionate Technology is technology that benefits all people, each and every one of whom is unique: Technology with a heart.

Compassionate Technology benefits everyone by paying attention to the differences that define us. Designers of Compassionate Technology gain wisdom by understanding the concerns of those disenfranchised, including people with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, as well as those who may be older. We learn from all people, paying attention to how people respond differently to things we see, touch, or hear.

Examples of recent programs and activities...

How can I learn more?

Compassionate Technology is best defined by example (inductive learning). Our twitter feed @ Machines4Good is a good place to start. Please search for our hashtags #good4dyslexia, #good4autism, #good4ADHD, , #good4elders, etc., … #good4us.  See below.  FOLLOW, RETWEET, CONTRIBUTE.

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