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About the LVL

The mission of the Laboratory for Visual Learning (LVL) is to improve the ways technology better helps people. To create compassionate technology: to help technology find its heart.

We do this by investigating how differences in the brain (whether inherited or developed through learning) alter insights and capabilities people bring to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

An important focus of this research investigates how technology can foster the exchange of information between people and machines, given wide ranging differences in the neurology of individuals (including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders). One aspect of this seeks to reengineer the technology we use for reading, to make this process more efficient and effective for all.


The mission of the LVL is largely supported by generous gifts from individuals and charitable organizations.

Our current focus was enabled by a major gift to UMass Boston made possible by Boon Philanthropy, Inc. Prior funding was provided by the Smithsonian Institution, research grants from the National Science Foundation, and private sources such as the Annenberg Foundation, the George E. Burch Foundation, and the Youth Access Grant Program at Smithsonian, exceeding $40M since our work began in 1979.

Recent Grants and Awards

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